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Red Hot Tiki
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Try all of our delicious Red Hot Tiki Coffee Blends!

Red Hot Tiki Coffee Blends
Crazy Jamaican Blend Coffee

This is the first thing you'll want in the morning after being up way too late and enjoying way too much.... This crazy and bold blend is reminiscent of a Jamaican Island breeze. With vapors of island rum from the time you open the bag until your pot is empty. Watch out the first sip is amazing. Take a wiff and you'll be ready to get on the pirate ship and set sail for that Crazy Jamaican Island.

$8.95 for a 12 oz Whole Bean Bag

Special Tiki Blend Coffee

Tiki Special Blend is a perfect combination of coffee beans that have been carefully selected and roasted for their quality and taste to bring out the mild non bitter flavor of Tiki Island. Our medium dark roasted coffee makes the perfect afternoon treat or a magnificent finish to a good meal.

$8.95 for a 12 oz Whole Bean Bag

Tropical Island Blend Coffee

This is the blend that started it all. The rich flavorful aroma of our original Tropical Island Blend will awaken your senses as you indulge in the full-bodied, yet smooth flavor. Tropical Island Blend is roasted to a perfect medium dark color. Roasting draws out deeper aromatic oils in the coffee bean, and develops layers of hidden flavors, from caramel to bittersweet chocolate. Tiki Tropical Island Blend is the perfect start to a relaxing kicked back island day.

$8.95 for a 12 oz Whole Bean Bag