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Red Hot Tiki
Let Us Put a Little Burn in Your Tiki!


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Our History

Sitting around the bar, a fast moving storm approaches, the clouds building and thunder rumbling slowly. With a crack of lighting, the carved face of the wooden tiki god lights up. Turning, everyone looks at the clouds as the wall of rain moves closer. A bolt of lightning cracks near by, making the face glow again and everyone watches as it slowly fades away. As the rain hits, everyone runs from the bar to take cover. Looking back at the bar, lightning cracks in the black sky, illuminating the swirling clouds above. The bolt strikes the top of the bar, setting the dried palm leaves ablaze. The flames engulf the bar, burning brightly around the head of the tiki god. The face glows from the flames, getting redder as the fire grows around it. After the fire, the wooden tiki still glows red in the ashes and the Red Hot Tiki was born.